Code 231440
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Wall socket. Loop-through, 8dB. Input and output for coaxial cable. TV and radio outputs.
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Product type S2910-8
Code 231440
Connector type TV IEC169-2 TV plug

IEC169-2 TV jack

Attenuation IN-OUT, dB 5-862 MHz 5,0
Attenuation IN-TV, dB 5-862 MHz 7-10
Attenuation IN-FM, dB 5-139 MHz 7-10
Screening factor, dB 40-450MHz ≥ 75
470-862MHz ≥ 65




Elpa ir partneriai presents PUZZLE PLATFORM - complex solution for OTT/IPTV/hybrid networks.

FRP Duct rodder -8/100

Fiberglass duct rodder.  Ø8mm, 100m

Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Iskratel, one of world's leading telecommunications equipment and solutions providers, has more than 70 years of experience in telecommunications and is probably the best EU-based technology company with own R&D and manufacturing.

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