High power MultiPath EDFA


MultiPath EDFA is high-power (up to 5000mW or +37dBm) multi-ports optical amplifier series with integrated precise optical coupler. This series of EDFA is universal, flexible, compact and low-cost solution for CATV large area coverage of metropolises and medium-sized cities. It integrates high power EDFA with. Wide choice of configurations possible.

  • 1540~1563nm operating wavelength;
  • High quality, low noise pump laser and OFS erbium-doped optical fibre. APC, ACC and ATC control;
  • Combined with optical coupler – various configurations are possible according to customers need: N (outputs) x M (power per output);
  • 1RU chassis: sum power > 1000mW, up to 16 outputs;
  • 2RU chassis: sum power > 5000mW, up to 64 outputs;
  • Horizontal ventilation, excellent heat dissipation;
  • RS232 and RJ45 management interfaces (SNMP support);
  • LCD display, manual management using the front panel buttons;
  • Optical outputs can be made in the front or back panel.