Conax CAM modules


Elpa ir partneriai became ofitial business partner of Conax company.

About Conax:

Leading the way in content protection For the past 30 years, Conax has pioneered content, service and revenue protection throughout the world.
Company created flagship security platforms deliver unrivalled content protection for any device, anywhere, any time and secures content revenues for hundreds of operators in dozens of countries globally.

Today Conax is a part of the Kudelski Group, the world’s leader in pay-TV protection technology.

САМ modules

The CAM is one of the most user-friendly consumer devices for accessing digital broadcast content in the market today. A subscriber can easily start watching scrambled TV content by inserting the CAM in the Common Interface (CI) slot on the back of the TV along with the smart card. There is no need for any additional remote control, Set-Top-Box or extra cabling. The CAM is very suitable for a 2nd or 3rd TV, as well as the main TV. The low power consumption of the CAM ensures a very eco-friendly option to most Set-Top-Boxes.