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Outdoor antenna. Directional, logoperiodic. Passive. UHF. Gain 8dBi. Length 400mm. Weatherproof F connector.
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10.70 €


  • Compact LOG-periodic directional 20-element TV antenna. 40cm length - ideal for lofts or areas with limited space;
  • LTE protected ! Reduced bandwidth achieved without using LTE filters, but due to specially developed construction;
  • Flat respons at all operating bandwidth (21-60 ch.);
  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal polarization. Universal bracket for installation in both planes on the same mast;
  • Aluminum, weather resistant, light-weight and durable. Easy to install. F female port for coaxial cable connection;
Model L2008UF/LTE
Code 2204012
Channel bandwidth 470-790 MHz (21-60 channels)
Max. Gain 8 dBi
Gain at 790MHz 6 dBi
Gain at 815MHz -9 dBi (17dB lower than 780MHz)
Front-to-back ratio  > 22 dB
Beam width H/V 60° / 80°
Dimensions 400mm




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