FRP Duct rodder -6/50

FRP Duct rodder -6/50
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Fiberglass duct rodder.  Ø6mm, 50m
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Remote control for pulling cables made of FRP fiberglass with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 50 meters placed on a special stand facilitating its development. Highly elastic fiber with bending and tearing strength, covered with yellow PE plastic for protection and good slip properties. The frame is made of powder-coated fiber in blue, equipped with a manual brake blocking the drum, and a special "eyelet" to guide the fiber. The stand construction ensures functional transport, storage and use. The end of the fiber ended with a guide head.
- Dragging wires between teletechnical wells
- Pushing cables under the road
- Installations in suspended ceilings
- Cleaning, unclogging pipes, culverts, sewers
- Cable entry for shroud tubes
Technical data:
- Dimensions: 56x18x68 cm
- Outer diameter (with cover): 6 mm
- Length: 50 m
- Weight (with frame): approx. 8 kg


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Cable. Optical. Outdoor. 24 fibers, Single Mode G652D. 'Central Tube'. Glass yarn layer. Blue LSZH. Eca

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