Astro U159

Code 521540
Astro U100 station function module. IP to QAM modulator. 48 QAMchannels
  • Plug-in module for U100 base unit
  • for processing of up to 64 IP multicast groups of a Gigabit Ethernet MPEG TS in 64 standard QAM channels
  • 1 RF output with free allocation of QAM frequencies on non adjucent frequencies;
  • SFP interfaces for Input data;
  • Outstanding signal parameters by Direct Digital technology
  • NIT and LCN processing integrated
  • optionally available output channel filters (U-KF) allow for maintaining the high sigal quality even after combining
  • User friendly configuration via web browser
  • Monitored fan



Elpa ir partneriai presents PUZZLE PLATFORM - complex solution for OTT/IPTV/hybrid networks.

Conax CAM modules

Elpa ir partneriai became official business partner of Conax company.

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