MOB 729/1

MOB 729/1
Code 501450
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Receiver. Optical. For FTTB networks. 1 optical input. 2 RF outputs. Without LAN management module.
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  • Dedicated to the FTTB architecture;
  • Uninterruptible electronic adjustment;
  • Modular design;
  • Redundancy for double-input version;
  • SNMPv2c interface monitoring and WWW;
  • Independent switching hysteresis control for each optical input, 
    with alarm threshold settings;
  • Measurement of the RF output signal;
  • GaAs Power Doubler technology;
  • Power supply 180-253V AC.


MOB-729 is a modern modular receiver dedicated to the FTTB networks, featuring one or two redundant optical inputs. The receiver has an electronic uninterruptible adjustment. A built-in AGC system maintains the RF signal at a high stable output level. Depending on the version, the MOB-729 is controlled from a local keyboard (a hot-swap module). The monitoring module allows remote control via an RJ45 interface using the SNMPv2C standard and a built-in website. Depending on theused plugin, the receiver can support one or two “F”-type RF outputs. The built-in monitoring module also allows remote changing of output levels, setting the alarm thresholds and switching the redundant inputs, as well as monitoring the output level thanks to the integrated RF detector.

The device is available in a single-input version MOB-729/1/x and double-input version MOB-729/2/x, with the monitoring module MOB-729/x/M and the local manipulator MOB-729/x/C.

Model MOB-729/1
Code 501450
Optical parameters
Input level range -10 .. +1 dBm
AGC range 6 .. -0 dBm
Return-loss ≥40 dB
Optical input wave length 1100-1650nm
Max. input level +3 dBm
Imput power indication Display (±0.1 дБ accuracy)
Equivalent input noise current 6,5 pA√(Hz)1/2
Optical connector SC/APC
RF parameters
Frequency range 47 - 870 MHz
Gain flatness  ±0.75 dB
Maximum output level (CEN 42 ch, EQ=9dB, 3.5% OMI, AGC= OFF, CTB = 60dBc, CTB = 60dBc) 115 dBuV
Attenuator 0 .. 15 dB (1 dB step)
Equilizer 0 .. 15 dB (1 dB step)
RF connector F female
Power supply 180…253VAC / 50..60Hz
Power consumption 13,5 W
Protection class IP 24
Operating temperature -20 .. +55 °C
Dimensions 107 x 155 x 75mm / 1,1kg
Default set MOB729/1 receiver (base), JMP/1 (jumper)
Control module C-729 - local; M-729 - remote
Accessories (oredred separately) STI-3.5 - 1x2 splitter. TSI2/6, TSI1/9, TSI1/12, TSI/14 - taps 6/9/12/14 дБ
Monitored parameters with M-729 (Read/Write)
Input level (Pin) R/- ; Hysteresis of optical input switching (Pin min /Pin max) R/W; Input selection (A/ B/ preferred A/ preferred B) R/W; Output level RF (Pout) R/-; RF output power alarm (RFmin/ RFmax) R/W; Temperature (T) R/W; Temperature alarm (T Min/ T Max) R/W; Attenuator adjustment (A) R/W; Equalizer adjustment (Eq) R/W; Location (GPS coordinates) R/W; AGC settings R/W; Identification (type, model, SN, MAC) R/-; ETH connection (IP, DHCP) R/W; Power supply R/-; Tamper R




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