MA5608T: MCUD01x2, MPWDx1, GPBD

MA5608T: MCUD01x2, MPWDx1, GPBD
Kodas 511200
10G Uplink AC/DC, MCUD01x2, MPWDx1, GPBD

The MA5608T Mini OLT is designed to address Fiber to the premise (FTTP) or deep fiber deployment scenarios where a large OLT chassis may not be the best fit for a variety of reasons. Huawei’s mini OLT MA5608T is designed to be the perfect complement to the other MA5600 series larger OLTs and offers the same carrier grade  features  and performance.

MA5608T’s compact and front access design make it an ideal solution for deployments in locations such as space-constrained huts, outdoor cabinets or building basements. It has AC and DC powering options,  extended temperature range, and offers easy installation.

Designed to support  ever-increasing  bandwidth demand, MA5608T has 200 Gbps backplane. The combination of the high-capacity and line interfaces with best-in-class performance allows the operators to deliver a range of services for maximum revenue at highly competitive cost points.

List of modules:

  • SmartAX MA5608T – modular chassys, 2 slots for service cards. 19" mount, 2RU height;
  • 2 x MCUD1 - control board (2 ports 1000BASE-X (SFP), 2 ports 1G/10GBASE-X (SFP+));
  • MPWD - AC power board (100~240VAC, 400W, -48V DC input for external battery);
  • 2 x GPBD - 8-port GPON OLT interface board (16 GPON ports total).

Set of modules may vary by request.

Dowload Configuration manual (ZIP, 18MB)

PON parameters:

  • Downstream rate 2.488 Gbits/s and upstream rate 1.244 Gbits/s
  • Class B+ and Class C+ GPON modules;
  • ONU authentification by SN  (Serial number).

Standards comply:

  • ITU-T G.984/G.988;
  • IEEE 802.1D, Spanning Tree;
  • IEEE 02.1Q, VLAN;
  • IEEE 802.1w, RSTP;
  • IEEE 802.3ad physical link static/dynamic aggregation (LACP);
  • Ethernet – II.


  • Backpressure flow control (half duplex);
  • IEEE 802.3x flow control (full duplex);
  • IEEE 802.1p, CoS;
  • WRR, SP and FIFO queue schedule;
  • Bandwidth limitation on each ONU;
  • DBA и  SLA.


  • Port-based VLAN
  • QinQ


  • L2 multicast;
  • IGMP Snooping;
  • MLD Snooping.

Layer-3 routing functions:

  • Static routing;


  • Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD);
  • SFP modules hot swap.

Network security:

  • Max User setup on each port;
  • Port isolation
  • Packet storm control;
  • ACL;
  • Data encyption.

Configuration and monitoring:

  • Configuring over CLI, telnet, ssh;
  • configuring and monitoring over SNMP;
  • SOftware udate over TFTP/FTP;
  • Debug.

Physical specification:

  • Dimensions, mm (W×D×H): 442 x 244.2 x 88
  • 19" rackmount;
  • Empty chassys weight: 3.55kg
  • Max weight with boards installed: 10.2kg


  • Operating temperature: -40℃ - +65℃;
  • humidity 5%-95% without condensation;


  • DC or AC input voltage (depends on power board);
  • DC input voltage: -38.4 V to  -72 V; 
  • AC input voltage: 100 V to  240 V.


Elpa ir partneriai - oficialus Teltonika atstovas

Elpa ir partneriai - oficialus Teltonika atstovas

Teltonika – lietuviška IT prekių gamintoja. Gamina interneto, transporto valdymo sprendimus ir tinklo įrangą.

RUTX50 Teltonika


Aukšto galingumo Multipath EDFA stiprintuvai.

Aukšto galingumo Multipath EDFA stiprintuvai.

MultiPath serijos optiniai stiprintuvai - tai yra universalus, lankstus ir kompaktiškas sprendimas, apjungiantis aukšto galingumo (iki 5000mW arba +37dBm) EDFA su aukšto tikslumo optiniu dalikliu.

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