Code 491159
Packing 2000
Cable. Optical. Outdoor. 144 fibers, Single Mode G652D. 'Multi Tube'. Black PE. 7x1.0mm stranded galvanized steel messenger.

Cable structure

  1. Color coded fibers;
  2. Loose buffer tube with fiber and jelly filling;
  3. Moisture barier between tubes;
  4. Dielectric central member  (fiberglass);
  5. Moisture barier around core (water swellable fabric );
  6. Rip cords (optional);
  7. Black UV-resistant outer jacket;
  8. Steel rope messenger.


  • Multi tube Figure-8 cable for aerial instalaltions - hanging between poles and buildings;
  • Fig8 type self-support construction with thick messenger made of thick zinc plated steel rope;
  • 144 x ITU-T G652D ("standard SM") fibers. Core configuration: 12 x 12;
  • Good mechanical properties. High resistance to tensile and impacts;
  • Outer jacket made of black PE, resistant to water and sunlight;
  • Easy stripping and installation. Easy to use with most splice closures and boxes.
Product SMT0MS-D-144SM
Code 491159
Packing 2000m, 3000m
Netto weight kg/km
Outer dimensions (17 x 26.5) ± 1,0mm
No. of fibers 144 (12 x 12)
Max. tensile load > 8000N
Crush resistance 1000N/100mm
Steel messenger 7x1,1mm
Minimum bending radius 20 x Ø (short term)  / 10 x Ø (long term)
Transport/Storage temperature -40°C - +60°C
Installation temperature -5°C - +50°C
Operating temperature -40°C - +60°C
Type of fiber Single Mode 9/125
Standard compliance ITU-T G.652D
Mode field diameter 1310nm 9,2 ± 0,4µm
1550nm 10,4 ± 0,5µm
Core/Clad Concentricity Error < 0,4 µm
Cladding diameter 125 ± 0,5 µm
Coating/Cladding Concentricity Error < 12 µm
Coating diameter 245 ± 5 µm
Attenuation 1310nm 0,334 dB/km
1383nm 0,314 dB/km
1550nm 0,194 dB/km
1625nm 0,224 dB/km
Zero dispersion wavelength 1300~1324 nm
Zero dispersion slope < 0,090 ps/nm2·km
Chromatic dispersion 1550nm < 18 ps/nm·km
1625nm < 22 ps/nm·km
Polarization dispersion < 0,2ps/km½


Fiber and tubes colors
1 2 3 4 5 6
Blue Orange Green Brown Gray White
7 8 9 10 11 12
Red Black Yellow Purple Pink Turquoise




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