Code 501843
Packing 1
Splice closures. For optical cables connection. 96 connections. Vertical. Hermetic housing. Black.


  • Vertical (Dome) optical splice closure. Up to 288 connections;
  • Strong, durable construction resistant to impacts, sun radiance, chemical exposure;
  • Usable for any network topology: transit point or end point;
  • IP68 protection class;
  • Fixing of cable strength elements;
  • Default configuration: 4 splice trays for 96 splices. 8 more trays be added for 288 splices total;
  • Metal management tray for unused fibers storage;
  • ROHS compliant;
  • Operating lifetime not less than 20 years.


  • Cable ducts;
  • Air optical lines;
  • Building walls (facades);
  • Lofts and basements.
Model SFO-SCLV-220A
Code 501843
Material PP
Cable ports 1 x mass port + 6 x single cable port
Mass oval port capacity (cable q-ty x diameter) 2 x 24mm
Single cable port capacity 1 x 17.5mm
Standard complectation of cores 96 (4 splice trays)
Maximal capacity of cores (with reserved splice trays) 288 (12 splice trays)
Splice tray model SFO-SCLV-FOST-204A
Size (Height x diameter) 566 x 285mm
Operating temperature -40C .. +65C
Acessories included Closure base, dome, closure clamp, rubber seal, cable clamps, splice trays, storage tray, cable shrink tubes, fiber buffer tubes, fusion splices, foil, markers, abrasive paper.
Additional accessories Air pressure valve - yes, by default
Grounding terminal and cable - yes, by default
Wall mount set - yes, by default
Pole mount set - By request only




Full HD DVB-T modulator with HDMI input


Compact fiber fusion splicer

High power MultiPath EDFA

High power MultiPath EDFA

MultiPath EDFA is high-power (up to 5000mW or +37dBm) multi-ports optical amplifier series with integrated precise optical coupler.

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