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DMM-2410TM is a high density 4-Way modulator and trans-modulator module. It could receive up to 4 independent TS streams from Tuner, ASI or TS/IP (note 1) inputs, then modulates and combines them to 4 adjacent DVB-C RF carriers over a coaxial output. Different types of inputs are available as factory options, such as DVB-S/S2, DVB-C/T/T2 and ASI. With its built-in remux functional block, DMM-2400TM also provides TV program filtering and re-multiplexing of TS inputs to rebuild new TS outputs for modulation. TS/IP input is a software option.

  • 4 independent TS inputs from DVB-S2/C/T/T2 tuners or TS/IP or ASI
  • Built-in remux for TS from Tuner or ASI (note 1, 2)
  • Service and PID filtering and re-multiplexing
  • PSI/SI re-generation, NIT and LCN Insertion (note 2)
  • TS/IP GbE input supports RTP/UDP, IGMP V2/V3, Multicast/Unicast (note 1)
  • 4 adjacent DVB-C QAM over 48 ~ 996MHz
  • Excellent MER (>40dB) & BER (<10E-9)
  • Web remote control and SNMP supervision
  • Software update via Ethernet or USB port


Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Iskratel, one of world's leading telecommunications equipment and solutions providers, has more than 70 years of experience in telecommunications and is probably the best EU-based technology company with own R&D and manufacturing.

MPO-4xLC duplex, OM3, 3m

Fiber Optic Patch Cable, 3m length. MPO(female) UPC to 4x LC Duplex UPC
Multimode Fiber. OM3 grade. Aqua color LSZH jacket cable

High power MultiPath EDFA

High power MultiPath EDFA

MultiPath EDFA is high-power (up to 5000mW or +37dBm) multi-ports optical amplifier series with integrated precise optical coupler.

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