EV Premium Charging Cable - 31290B

EV Premium Charging Cable - 31290B
Code 440562
EV Premium Charging Cable T2-T2 3x32A 4m Black
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264.99 €

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219.00 €

Charging Cable Type 2 to 2.  PREMIUM LINE.

Charger plug Type 2 male car plug type 2 female are moulded. Dekra type approval.


  • ITEM NO.: 31290B;
  • LENGTH: 4 m;
  • CABLE: 5G6,00mm² + 3x0,50mm² black straight;
  • MAX. RATING: 22 kW (32A/400V);
  • CHARGER PLUG: type 2;
  • CAR PLUG: type 2.





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