Code 490001
Packing 100
Cable. Coaxial. TC. 75Ω. Shielding - 40% TC braid. White PVC, 2.9mm.
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Name 1,5C-2V
Code 490001
Packing 100m
In box 6x100m=600m
Center conductor 0,26mm TC
Dielectric 1,6mm PE
Shielding foil -
Outer conductor 32x0,12mm TC
Jacket 2,9mm PVC
Weight ---
DC resistance Inner Conductor 365Ω/km
DC resistance Outer Conductor 50Ω/km
Capacitance 52pF/m
Impedance 75±3Ω
Velocity ratio 0,66
* TC - Tinned Copper  
* PE - Polyethylene  
* PVC - Polyvinylchlorid



Full HD DVB-T modulator with HDMI input

Conax CAM modules

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