Teleste Luminato LIC-A-EXTENDED

Teleste Luminato LIC-A-EXTENDED
Код 522108
  • Multiple services per receiver – high efficiency, lower investments
  • Embedded security – services can’t be accessed in unprotected format
  • Hot swap as standard – swap the module and keep the configurations 
  • Dual IP MPTS (SPTS) reception
  • Advanced transport stream processing
  • Demultiplexing from MPTS to  SPTS
  • PID remapping and filtering
  • PSI/SI pass-through or regeneration
  • Service follow up, service ID remapping, stream type filtering, SID follow up and service information
  • Automatic/manual PSI-SI table generation
  • 2 Standard CA-module slots
  • Multicast and unicast streaming
  • MPEG transport stream over UDP/IP or RTP/UDP/IP streaming
  • SPTS and MPTS streaming (CBR or VBR)
  • MPTS passthrough
IP Input
Parameter Specification
Packet Format UDP/IP 1...7 TS packets per frame
Traffic type unicast or multicast
Input streams per module 2
Maximum bitrate per input 192 Mb/s


DVB Common Interface Desrambling
Parameter Specification
Connector PCMCIA, Dual slots
Standard DVB_CI EN50221
CA module PC-Card type II, Hot Plug


DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm Content Protection
Parameter Specification Note
Max service to be scrambled per module 120 Dual inputs module


IP streaming
Parameter Specification Note
Packet format 1...7 DVB UDP/IP, RTP/UDP/IP
Traffic type unicast or multicast  
Max. IP streamer per module 120  
Max. streaming capacity per module 394 Mb/s 
490 Mb/s
DVB scrambling
AES scrambling


Parameter Specification Note
Supply voltages 24 V  
Power consumption 7 W 1) Excl. CAM module
Dimensions (h x w x d) 20 mm x 109 mm x 253 mm Excl. connectors and screws
Weight 0,3 kg  
Enclosure classification IP21  
Operating temperature -10...+55 °C  
Storage temperature -30...+70 °C  
Specification is met 0…+45 °C  


QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы

QSFP+ и QSFP28 трансиверы

Доступны для заказа новые QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы для организации 40 ГБит/с и 100 ГБит/с Ethernet каналов.

платформа SMARTIVUS

платформа SMARTIVUS

Компания представляет платформу SMARTIVUS - комплексное решение для организации трансляции ОТТ/IPTV.

Astro U224

Astro U224

Высококачественный 24-х канальный кабельный модулятор IP to RF/PAL (SECAM) по доступной цене в компактном 1 RU конструктиве.

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