Teleste Luminato LDM-A-EXTENDED-24

Teleste Luminato LDM-A-EXTENDED-24
Код 522113
High dencity QAM modulator
Active features: GE interface; 24QAM channels; 1 RF output; DVB processing; DVB multiplexing; EIT multiplexing.

Dense modulator for the Luminato platform

LDM-A - the Luminato dense modulator enables flexible multiplexing of SPTS and MPTS video services and PSI/SI table streams. High quality QAM modulation with agile up conversion provides smooth broadcast delivery over HFC network and ensures availability of high-performing video services for years to come.

The dense modulator in a nutshell

  • High-density modulation with 24 QAM channels
  • Flexible channel allocation
  • Fits any of the six Luminato slots
  • 24 independent multiplexers
  • DVB CSA content protection
  • Support CBR and VBR TS
  • Support SPTS and MPTS  multiplexing
  • PCR processing
  • Advanced transport stream processing
  • Agile upconversion

Licenses activated for "24-Extended" option

  • 24 QAM channels
  • DVB-processing
  • DVB multipexing
  • EIT multiplexing
IP inputs
Frame formats UDP/IP
TS packet per UDP frame 1...7
Max input streams 1024
Dejittering PCR processing & buffering


Number of multiplexers 24
Max input services/multiplexer 120
Max components per service 32
Output speed despends on QAM modulator settings


DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm Content Protection
Max scramling services 480 per module


QAM output
Standard ITU-T J.83 Annex A, B and C  
QAM constellations Docsis CM-SP-DRFI-I16-170111 (64, 128, 256)  
Symbol Rate 4…7,4 MS/s  
Impedance 75 Ω  
Output return loss > 14 dB active channel
  > 12 dB out of act. ch 81…862 MHz
  > 10 dB out of act. ch 862…1200 MHz
Output Level 103 dBμV 21…24 channels
  104 dBμV 17…20 channels
  105 dBμV 13…16 channels
  107 dBμV 7…12 channels
  110 dBµV 1...6 channels
Output Power step size 0,2 dB  
Output center frequency 85...900 MHz  
Output frequency step size 50 kHz  


Out of band noise, 1)
< -60 dBc 1st adj. channel
< -64 dBc 2nd adj. channel
< -70 dBc 3rd adj. channel
< -70dBc other channels
Harmonics < -63 dBc
MER > 45 dB


IP streamer output of multiplexer
Framing format raw UDP/IP
Traffic type unicast or multicast
TS format CBR, VBR
Max TS packet speed/streamer directly related to QAM output speed
Maximum Ethernet speed 2) Up to 10 Gb/s


Power consumption 37 W
Supply voltage 24 V
Connectors F 75 Ω, RJ45
Dimensions (h x w x d), 3) 40 mm x 109 mm x 253 mm
Weight 0,8 kg
Enclosure classification IP21
Operating temperature range -10...+55 °C
Storage temperature range -30...+70 °C
Specification is met 0…+45 °C

1) Values for at leats quad channels active. Excluding harmonics.
2) Model with SFP
3) Dimensions excluding connectors and locking screws.


Astro U224

Astro U224

Высококачественный 24-х канальный кабельный модулятор IP to RF/PAL (SECAM) по доступной цене в компактном 1 RU конструктиве.

Conax CAM модули

Conax CAM модули

Компания Elpa ir partneriai является официальным бизнес партнером компании Conax.

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Высококачественный EdgeQAM модулятор, отличающий исключительно высокой канальной плотностью и множеством вариантов резервирования.

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