Шасси Luminato 4X4, 19" 1RU, 6 слотов под модули. Scrambling опция. 4x SFP/SFP+, 4xRJ45 (100/1000 BaseT). 2 x -48V VDC питание
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Шасси Luminato 4X4, 19" 1RU, 6 слотов под модули. Scrambling опция. 4x SFP/SFP+, 4xRJ45 (100/1000 BaseT). 2 x -48V VDC питание

Deliver broadcast video over traditional and distributed access networks

  • Parallel QAM, IP, and Remote PHY output interfaces ensure optimal video delivery today as well as in future
  • Video engine conversion guarantee a smooth shift to distributed access architecture

Benefit from the latest, superior headend technology

  • Freely selectable range of digital inputs (IP, ASI, DVB-C/S/S2/S2X/T/T2, ISDB-T, and Annex B) and outputs (IP, ASI, DVB-C, COFDM, ISDB-T, and Annex B)
  • Powerful Edge QAM for broadcast video over traditional networks with 168 QAMs per 1U chassis - six times higher QAM capacity compared to the traditional Teleste Luminato platform
  • Line-speed multiplexing and scrambling with 40 Gb throughput
  • Up to 60% lower power consumption

Go the extra mile for uninterrupted services

  • High redundancy with two integrated PSUs and several 10 GbE interfaces
  • Several redundancy configurations
  • All modules, including power supplies, are hot swappable
  • Intuitive and customer-valued easy-to-use user interface

Available Luminato 4x4 modules

  • Receivers:
    ASI: quad;
    IP: dual;
    Satelite: Quad, DVB-S/S2;
    MultiReceivers: DVB-S/S2/S2X, DVB-T/ T2, DVB-C, ISDB-T, ITU-T J.83 A/B/C and IP
  • Transmitters:
    QAM:28 pcs
    IP: 60 pcs;
    COFDM: Quad;
    ISDB-T: Quad.
  • Other:
    EPG: EIT processing;
    FEC: IP input/output;
    Video engine: GCP;
    VMX bulk descrambler: 60 channels.

19” rack mountable, 1RU Installation rails for easy installation

Dimension (H x W x D) 1U x 19” x 500 mm
Operating voltage Double -48 VDC
Power consumption max. 300 W / fully occupied chassis
Operating Temperature -10…55 °C ambient
Relative Humidity up to 90% (non-condensing)
Cooling replaceable fans
Management interfaces  
Four 10/100 BaseTX for CAS and NMS
USB for initial setup
Stream interfaces  
Four SFP/SFP+ ports Supports electrical and optical SFP modules
Management and monitoring Web user interface;
CLI (telnet / ssh, USB-serial);
SNMP monitoring;
TFTP file transfer;
API, machine to machine interface for integration purposes
Interface Modules 6 slots for hot swappable processing modules


Conax CAM модули

Conax CAM модули

Компания Elpa ir partneriai является официальным бизнес партнером компании Conax.

FullAXS field install set for FTTA cables. 0.5m

FullAXS комплект для FTTA кабелей. 0.5m

Astro U224

Astro U224

Высококачественный 24-х канальный кабельный модулятор IP to RF/PAL (SECAM) по доступной цене в компактном 1 RU конструктиве.

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