Код 220774
Плоская универсальная ТВ антена
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  • Flat 250x220mm antenna;
  • Suitable worldwide – High gain TV reception to watch Freeview or all free to air channels on your television across the globe. VHF and UHF reception on this paper-thin TV aerial, perfect for DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DAB.
  • HD TV - This antenna allows you to watch your favourite programs in HD picture and with perfect sound.
  • Multiple fixing - The included fixing options and the 3m cable are perfect to place the portable aerial on any flat surface, stuck it to the window or hang it on any hook allowing you to receive the best possible reception. Place it on the wall, window or any hook behind the TV.
  • Perfect for your home or on the go - This small, glossy white antenna can be easily placed in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. You can also use it in a campervan, caravan or HGV, boat or while you are camping.
  • Paper-thin, compact and light – Very compact and light, with super simple installation anywhere allows you to receive local free channels worldwide.


QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы

QSFP+ и QSFP28 трансиверы

Доступны для заказа новые QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы для организации 40 ГБит/с и 100 ГБит/с Ethernet каналов.

FullAXS field install set for FTTA cables. 0.5m

FullAXS комплект для FTTA кабелей. 0.5m

Astro U159 QAM модулятор

Astro U159 QAM модулятор

Высококачественный EdgeQAM модулятор, отличающий исключительно высокой канальной плотностью и множеством вариантов резервирования.

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