EV Power Box 16A/3F - 35325

EV Power Box 16A/3F - 35325
Код 440581
EV Power Box 32A/3F T2 - 5m + kWh + DC protection

Portable EV Charger Power Box 3-Phase Type 2.

This portable EV charging station is used for charging electric vehicles (EV's) from a standard socket-outlet (IEC 61851-1, mode 2). It can be used portable or mounted on a wall.
The portable EV charger Power Box is equipped with an integrated kWh meter.

  • Car plug Type 2 female moulded - Dekra type approval
  • CEE plug


  • ITEM NO.: 35325;
  • Charging system: IEC 61851 Mode 2;
  • Safety: IEC 62752 (IC-CPD Devices);
  • Car connector portable EV charger: IEC 62196 Type 2 Female;
  • Wall plug portable EV charger: IEC 60309 32A/3-phase;
  • Voltage & wiring: 400V AC 3-phase, 50Hz;
  • Charge current: max. 3-phase 32A;
  • Earth leakage protection: 30mA AC / 6mA DC
  • Protection: under & overvoltage, overcurrent
  • Housing portable EV charger: PC/ABS
  • Dimensions: 310x130x76mm;
  • CABLE: H07BZ5-F 5G6,00mm² + 3x0,50mm²;
  • LENGTH: 5 m;
  • CAR PLUG: type 2 female.


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