Код 521148
ReMultiplexer 8-to-2, ASI, IP

 DXP-3800MX is a professional broadcast DVB-TS Re-Multiplexer with dual independent remultiplexing unit. It can re-multiplex a large number of transport streams received over ASI and GbE interface and delivered via GbE interface and 2 independent ASI output ports. Remultiplexing up to 256 services with advanced management of PSI/SI tables, service filtering and remapping.

  • Fully compliant with ISO13818 and EN300 468 standard;
  • Dual MPEG2/H.264 transport stream remultiplexing unit;
  • 8 x ASI inputs, up to 216Mbps for each interface;
  • 2 x ASI independent outputs with backup, up to 216Mbps for each interface;
  • GbE interface up to 700Mbps (multi-channel output) or 80Mbps (full duplex);
  • Remultiplexing up to 256 services;
  • Advanced management of PSI/SI tables, service filtering and remapping;
  • EIT bypass or re-generate;
  • Web and SNMP control and monitoring;
  • Compact 1RU cabinet with dual hot-swap power supplies.


Conax CAM модули

Conax CAM модули

Компания Elpa ir partneriai является официальным бизнес партнером компании Conax.

FullAXS field install set for FTTA cables. 0.5m

FullAXS комплект для FTTA кабелей. 0.5m

Astro U224

Astro U224

Высококачественный 24-х канальный кабельный модулятор IP to RF/PAL (SECAM) по доступной цене в компактном 1 RU конструктиве.

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