Код 450394
Многофункциональный тестер LAN кабелей (tracker, toner, Probe with PoE)
  • 【Digital cable scanning】Three scan modes for options to track cable: AC filter mode/ Analog mode/ PoE mode.
  • 【Multi Function】Cable length measurement , cable faults testing, PoE testing, hub blink and NCV function, detect PSE standards Power supply modes.
  • 【Cable continuity testing & NCV】Test physical status for STP, UTP lan cable. Detect AC voltage presence (50V-1000V).
  • 【PoE testing】 Identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage, identify which the type of PSE (at/af standard).
  • 【Cable testing】UTP telephone and coaxial network cable tester that also detects the pin-out of the cables.
  • 【Fault distance location】Measure cable length and locate fault distance accurately for lan cable, the range is 200m.
  • 【 Hub blink】 Locate network port by the flashing port light on Hub / Switch. Available to 10M/100M/1000M Hub/ switch.
  • 【LCD】The display results is more direct, more visual and clearer.
  • 【Certification】Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.
  • 【100% Affordable】Manufactured in China and a lot cheaper than competitor products with similar quality.


QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы

QSFP+ и QSFP28 трансиверы

Доступны для заказа новые QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы для организации 40 ГБит/с и 100 ГБит/с Ethernet каналов.

Headway NE-48D100-NP

Headway NE-48D100-NP, Li-Ion Battery Module. 48V, 100Ah

Astro U224

Astro U224

Высококачественный 24-х канальный кабельный модулятор IP to RF/PAL (SECAM) по доступной цене в компактном 1 RU конструктиве.

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