FRP Duct rodder -9/100

FRP Duct rodder -9/100
Код 560072
Устройство для протяжки кабеля УЗК, Ø9мм, 100м
Цена с НДС

211.02 €

Цена без НДС

174.40 €

Наличие на складе: Есть
Cable pulling remote control made of FRP fiberglass with a diameter of 9 mm and a length of 100 meters placed on a special stand with wheels to facilitate its development. Highly elastic fiber with bending and tearing strength, covered with yellow PE plastic for protection and good slip properties. The frame, powder painted in blue, has a special twist "eyelet" to facilitate the fiber. (photo 2). The stand construction ensures functional transport, storage and use. The end of the fiber ended with a guide head (photo 3).
- Dragging cables and wires between teletechnical wells
- Pushing cables under the road
- Installations in suspended ceilings
- Cleaning, unclogging pipes, culverts, sewers
- Cable entry for shroud tubes
Technical data:
- Outer diameter (with cover): 9 mm
- Length: 100 m
- Weight (with frame): 28 kg
- Dimensions max: 115x45x125 cm
- Wheel diameter: 20 cm


платформа SMARTIVUS

платформа SMARTIVUS

Компания представляет платформу SMARTIVUS - комплексное решение для организации трансляции ОТТ/IPTV.


CAT6 U/UTP 4P LSZH. CPR Cca. Синий. 500м

QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы

QSFP+ и QSFP28 трансиверы

Доступны для заказа новые QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы для организации 40 ГБит/с и 100 ГБит/с Ethernet каналов.

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