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19 Inch 12V / 240V HD+ 900p LED Digital DVB-T/T2 (Free to air) TV USB PVR & Media Player Ideal for Home, MotorHome, Boat Caravan, Camping, Truck
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“Unispectra LED TV 19T2M1” has a screen diagonal of 19 inches it’s approximately equal to 48 cm. New generation “HD+ 900p” LED screen technology displays the expressive and contrasting picture. Maximum resolution of the screen is 1440×900 pixels and the viewing angle is up to 178 degrees.


“Unispectra LED TV 19T2M1” it’s a classic design TV with a thin frame around the display. Due to the thin frame the picture on the TV screen is visually enlarged, therefore you’ll enjoy the wider picture. TV dimensions 438x163x363 mm, due to that TV will perfectly fit in the sitting room or in the kitchen, where the space for the TV placement is limited. This model can also be placed on the table and be used as a computer monitor.


“Unispectra” TV has an integrated DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C receiver, due to which you’ll receive the signals of the digital terrestrial, analogue and cable television.

The TV also has the following functions: Teletext, Media Player and PVR (Personal Video Recorder). With the help of the Media Player you’ll be able to watch and listen to the most of the video and music recordings from the USB or other external drive, which is connected to the TV. PVR is provided for the recording of the desired videos to the external drive.

Energy consumption and dimensions

TV assigned to the energy efficiency class A. When turned on, it consumes 21 W of energy, 0.1 W in the standby mode. It can run on 240v or 12v power supply with both leads included in the package. The dimensions of this model are 438x163x363 mm, weight 2.44 kg. With the additional mount the TV can be mounted on the wall.


Conax CAM модули

Conax CAM модули

Компания Elpa ir partneriai является официальным бизнес партнером компании Conax.

FullAXS field install set for FTTA cables. 0.5m

FullAXS комплект для FTTA кабелей. 0.5m

QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы

QSFP+ и QSFP28 трансиверы

Доступны для заказа новые QSFP+ и  QSFP28 трансиверы для организации 40 ГБит/с и 100 ГБит/с Ethernet каналов.

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