Kodas 522201
BKTEL ES10XL 1550nm ExMod transmitter. 2x8,5dBm. Adjustable SBS. 2x48 VDC


  • External modulated 1550 nm DFB laser transmitter
  • Electrical to optical conversion of multi-channel CATV video signals (AM-VSB, FM and QAM signals)
  • Optical downstream transmission in HFC and RF Overlay networks with excellent performance
  • Enables the usage of optical amplifiers (EDFAs) as boosters or repeaters in order to realize large scale HFC or FTTH networks


  • Two optical outputs with 8.5 dBm optical output power each
  • Low noise, narrow linewidth CW DFB laser with DWDM wavelength according to ITU grid
  • Adjustable wavelength +/- 100 GHz
  • Bandwidth of 47…1006 MHz
  • Improved RF signal performance up to 1006 MHz
  • Enhanced SBS suppression
  • Sophisticated SBS supervision functionality
  • Automatic load control (ALC) for CATV signal input, ready for pure digital RF load
  • Adjustable RF slope
  • Front panel RF test point for CATV input signal
  • High reliability dual, hot-plug-in power supply modules for 100...240 VAC or ±36...±60 VDC
  • HTTP (Webbrowser) and SNMP (a-version)
  • LC display and LED status indication
  • Ethernet, USB and general purpose I/O interface for remote control
  • Very low power consumption
  • Very thin, only 1 U design for mounting into 19”, ETSI or JIS racks




Siūlome naujus QSFP+ ir QSFP28 modulius 40Gb/s ir 100Gb/s Ethernet tinklams.

Headway NE-48D100-NP

Headway NE-48D100-NP, Li-Ion Battery Module. 48V, 100Ah

Mūsų partneris – kompanija BDCOM

Mūsų partneris – kompanija BDCOM

Access, aggregation ir core lygio įranga: L2/L3 komutatoriai, maršrutizatoriai ir ugniasienės.
Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) įranga:OLT koncentratoriai ir abonentiniai ONU įrenginiai.

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