Smartivus OTT platform

Smartivus OTT platform
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Smartivus OTT platform.

Smartivus OTT solution.

OTT Middleware platform:

  • Fully scalable and fits well with existing services currently in deployment, provides seamless integration and is compatible with any IPTV or hybrid enviroment;
  • Customer and equipment control authorization and authentification;
  • Multiple STB`s, mobile devices and PC`s per customer;
  • Feeding customer equipment with required metadata information;
  • Management and monitoring of Catch-Up and TimeShift services;
  • Management of customers and permisions for the BestCAS CAS system;
  • API interface for third party billing systems;
  • Real Time system usage analytics.

CloudDVR OTT Stream Re-multiplexer & video recorder:

  • MPEG-2, H264, H265 video support;
  • MPEG-2, AAC, AC3. MP3 audio support;
  • Distribution using Apple HLS or/and MPEG-TS over HTTP;
  • Catch-Up and TimeShift support;
  • Distribution of Multi-bitrate and Multi-lingual streams.

CloudEdge Content Distribution servers:

  • Unlimited CloudDVR backend support;
  • OTT stream delivery over SSL;
  • IP white and black lists;
  • GEO-IP control.

Block diagram:


D-Link remontas

D-Link remontas

Kompanija Elpa ir partneriai atlieka garantinį ir pogarantinį abonentinės D-Link įrangos remontą. 



Siūlome naujus QSFP+ ir QSFP28 modulius 40Gb/s ir 100Gb/s Ethernet tinklams.

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