TravelAir II

TravelAir II
TravelAir II
TravelAir II
TravelAir II
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Outdoor omnidirectional antenna with amplifier
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  • TRAVELAIR-II Worldwide compatible for HDTV of various digital terrestrial signal (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, DTMB, ATSC) and DAB/FM radios.
  • Omnidirectional - receive VHF, UHF and FM signal from every point regardless of the transmitter position.
  • The antenna is surface-treated to withstand impact from saltwater and weather conditions. Waterproof housing design made UV resistant, injection molded ASA material with superb durability.
  • Supplied with high gain and low noise amplifier, shielded for minimum interference. 4G/LTE interference protected. SMD Technology and micro-electronics ensures excellent antenna performance.
  • Comes with two way TV splitter included. Multiple power options.
  • The best digital terrestrial TV reception solution for your motorhome, caravan, truck, camping, boat and much more...

Package content

  1. Antenna. With set of screws and water-proof rubber washer;
  2. 32dB RF amplifier with DC 12 V cable, 4m;
  3. Coaxial cable with moulded F-Male connectors, 4 m;
  4. F-male to TV(IEC) Female adapter + F-male to TV(IEC) Male adapter;
  5. Mast bracket set.




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