Telmor WHX 829/38

Telmor WHX 829/38
Code 501420
Packing 1
Amplifier. RF. For CATV networks. 1 input. Gain 38dB. Hermetic aluminum housing.
  • Output stage amplifier based on GaAs hybrid circuit with Power Doubler configuration;
  • High output level;
  • 1GHz bandwidth;
  • Easy adjustment;
  • Switchable return path: passive/off/active;
  • Line overvoltage protection;
  • Local or remote power supply;
  • Robust, die-casting aluminum housing.




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Model WHX-829/38
Code 501420
Frequency range 47-1000MHz
Gain 38dB
Gain characteristics flatness ± 1.0dB
Max. output level 129dBuV
Max. output level CTB ≤ 60dBc 114dBuV
CSO ≤ 60dBc 114dBuV
Input attenuator adjustable 0-20dB
Input equalizer adjustable 0-20dB
Inter-stage equalizer  plug-in 0-20dB

Input, Output test point

Noise factor < 7.5dB
Return loss at all Inputs/Outputs at 5-40MHz 18dB
at 40-1000MHz 18dB @ 40MHz - 1.5/oct.
Return path
Frequency range 5-30MHz

Operating mode

Passive path/OFF (-50dB)/Active path (20dB)
Gain -2.5 or 20dB
Gain characteristics flatness ± 1.0dB
Max. output level 115dBuV
Noise factor < 6dB
Other parameters
Operating voltage (Local) 195-253VAC/50-60Hz
Operating voltage (Remote) 24-65VAC/50-60Hz
Power consumption < 13W
Input connector F type
Protection class IP64
Operational temperature range -20°C - +60°C
Weight 1kg
Dimension 100x135x60mm




Full HD DVB-T modulator with HDMI input

MPO-4xLC duplex, OM3, 3m

Fiber Optic Patch Cable, 3m length. MPO(female) UPC to 4x LC Duplex UPC
Multimode Fiber. OM3 grade. Aqua color LSZH jacket cable

Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Our partner - ISKRATEL company

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