Code 491415
Packing 2000
Cable. Optical. Outdoor. 4 fibers, Multi Mode OM2. 'Central Tube'. Glass yarn layer. Black LSZH.


  • Central tube cable for outdoor using;
  • "Mini" version of standard SCTG with reduiced sized and even more improved flexibility;
  • 4 x OM2 Multi Mode fibers;
  • Color coded optical fibers freely laid inside loose tube. Space inside tube is also filled with tixotropic gel;
  • 100% dielectric. No any metal components used;
  • For using in distribution segment of network or for small networks. Recommended as entry cable to the building, i.e. connection between apartment block and optical splice closure or distribution box;
  • For using in cable ducts, on building walls, lofts. Compact size and flexibility let use this cable as universal indoor/outdoor cable;
  • Small size and weight, good mechanical properties. High resistance to tensile and impacts;
  • Outer jacket made of black LSZH, resistant to water and sunlight, low smoke and low flammability;
  • Easy stripping and installation. Easy to use with most splice closures and boxes.

Cable structure

  1. Color coded fibers;
  2. Loose buffer tube with fiber abd jelly filling;
  3. Glass yarn layer;
  4. Black UV-resistant outer jacket.
Product SCTG-0-4MM OM2 mini LSZH
Code 491415
Packing 500m, 1000m, 2000m, 3000m, ...
Outer diameter 5,0 ± 0,5mm
Weight 30 ±10 kg/km
No. of fibers 4
Strength element Glass yarn layer
Outer jacket Black LSZH
Max. tensile load 500N (short term) / 300N (long term)
Crush resistance 2000N/100mm
Minimum bending radius 20 x Ø (short term) / 10 x Ø (long term)
Transport/Storage temperature -40°C - +60°C
Installation temperature -10°C - +50°C
Operating temperature -40°C - +60°C
Fiber type Multi Mode 50/125
Standard compliance ISO 11801 OM2
Core diameter 50 ± 0,5µm
Cladding diameter 125 ± 1 µm
Coating diameter 245 ± 15 µm
Attenuation 850nm < 2.3 dB/km
1300nm < 0,6 dB/km
Bandwidth 850nm 500 MHz x km
1300nm 500 MHz x km
Macrobend loss 850nm < 0,1dB (30mm Ø 2 times),  < 0,2dB (15mm Ø 2 times )
1300nm < 0,3dB (30mm Ø 2 times), < 0,5dB (15mm Ø 2 times )


Fiber colors
1 2 3 4 5 6
Blue Orange Green Brown Gray White
7 8 9 10 11 12
Red Black Yellow Purple Pink Turquoise


Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Iskratel, one of world's leading telecommunications equipment and solutions providers, has more than 70 years of experience in telecommunications and is probably the best EU-based technology company with own R&D and manufacturing.

MPO-4xLC duplex, OM3, 3m

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