Code 502360
Outdoor optical cable for LTE towers (FTTA cable). Length = 100m
2 x OM3 Multi Mode Fibers.  Black LSZH outer jacket. Diameter 7mm. 
Metal armored cable ends.

 Cable Construction

  1. Strength elements (aramid yarns) - 2pcs;
  2. 2mm optical cable - 2pcs;
  3. LSZH jacket.


  • Outdoor optical cable with connectors;
  • Black LSZH outer jacket. Diameter 7mm;
  • Metal armored cable ends. Length - by request;
  • Loops for cable pulling on both ends.
  • 2 x OM3 Multi Mode Fibers;
  • LC Connectors on both ends. Fibers are numbered.
  • Length = 100m
  • Jacket resistant to UV;
  • Good mechanical properties.


  • 2G/3G/4G mobile station equipment interconnection (FTTA cable);
  • Wireless LAN/WAN equipment interconnection;
  • Other.



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