Code 501588
PON network resourse analysis terminal

Product description

  • ONU status: Online, long light, OLT break, ONU break, No power, None ONU
  • Interaction mode: Support Bluetooth, QR code, barcode and other interaction methods, realizes auto verification
  • Quickly analyzes the actual data from the ONU to the OLT to provide more optical network information and extended functions
  • Compatible with optical power meter, VFL, cable tracing, check line sequence and other additional functions, with enhanced battery power supply


ONU Status Detect:
S120 can solve problems like: splitter port information not match, resource occupation. Don’t enter user home can detect the ONU status of each splitter port, through the tester can judge the port is whether virtual port or not and rectified to improve resource utilization. E.g. if the user's ONU online, it is normal user; if the user's ONU off, it is no user, then can release this port; if long light is means ONU faulty.
The reality resource info and the resource management information are not match, while S120 can get each splitter port correspond user ONU’s GPON/EPON type and SN/PASSWORD/ LOID/MAC info without enter home. Through comparing with the resource management system, to determine whether need the current info    

Tag Supplement:
For the current situation that the reality tag is incomplete and the resources are incorrect, S120 can get the ONU information and query the correct resource information. Through print the tag, the correct information and labels are supplemented and pasted. It provides data support for later resource management and maintenance to ensure the accuracy of resource data   

Auxiliary Analysis:
S120 also analyze optical fiber network data information, VFL, optical power test, optical attenuation test, power bank, copper cable tracing, check line sequence test, flashlight functions etc., It is a comprehensive, accurate and automated resource data analysis tool.




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