RG6T Black

Code 490019
Packing 100
Cable. Coaxial. CCS. 75Ω. Double shielding - Al/PE foil and 30% Al braid. Black PVC, 6.8mm.
  • Standard class coaxial cable for TV signals;
  • Rekommended for cable TV operators and jų customers. Also used for SAT TV DVB-T signalsreceiving;
  • Double shielded with 40% braid;
  • Kompact, flexible. Wide choise of connectors;
  • Color: black;
  • Packing: 100m coil.
Name RG6 Black
Code 490019
Packing 100m coil
In box 6x100m=600m
Center conductor 1,02mm CCS
Dielectric 4,57mm FPE
Outer conductor AL/PET foil + 40% AL braid
Jacket 6,80mm PVC
Weight 40kg/km
Inner conductor DC resistance < 120 Ω/km
Outer conductor DC resistance < 80 Ω/km
Capacitance 52pF/m
Impedance 75±3Ω
Screening efficiency >85dB
Min. bending radius 5 x diameter of cable
Velocity ratio 0,85
Attenuation, max. dB/100m
5MHz 3,0
50MHz 5,0
100Mhz 7,0
200MHz 10,0
450Mhz 14,5
860MHz 20,0
1000MHz 22,0
* CCS - Copper Clad Steel * AL - Aluminium
* FPE - Foamed Polyethylene * PVC - Polyvinylchlorid


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