MON 1923M

MON 1923M
Code 501440
Packing 1
Receiver. Optical. 1 GHz. 2 way. With automatic gain control (AGC), return path transmitter. Hermetic metal, die-cast housing.
  • designed to work in HFC and FTTB networks,
  • 1 GHz frequency range,
  • easy configuration – adjustable and universal plug-in modules,
  • built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control),
  • 3 stages LED indication of input optical power level,
  • optical transmitter is plug-in module,
  • local or remote powering,
  • metal, die-cast housing.


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Model MON-1923M
Code 501440
Input optical power range -9 - +1dBm
AGC range -6 - 0dBm
Optical return-loss ≥ 40dB
Optical input wave length 1100-1650nm
Max. input level +3dBm
Noise current density < 8pA/Hz½
Optical connector SC/APC
Return path transmitter Plug-in module
Forward path
Frequency range 87-1000MHz
Gain characteristic flatness ± 0,75dB
Max. output level 123dBµV
Max. output level CTB ≤ 60dBc 109dBuV
CSO ≤ 60dBc 109dBuV
RF Output Stability in AGC range ± 1.0dB
Interstage attenuator Fixed JXP 0-20dB
Interstage slope Fixed JXP 0-20dB

Output test point

Return loss at RF output 18dB @ 40MHz - 1.5dB/oct.
Return path
Frequency range 5-65MHz
Return gain 20dB
Gain characteristics flatness ± 1.0dB
Level adjustment Fixed JXP 0-20dB
Other parameters
Operating voltage (Local) 180-253VAC/50-60Hz
Operating voltage (Remote) 24-65VAC/50-60Hz
Power consumption < 9W
Input connector F type
Protection class IP64
Operational temperature range -20°C - +60°C
Weight 1.1kg
Dimension 107x155x75mm
Return transmitter type 1310 1430 1450 1470 1490 1510 1530 1550 1570 1590 1610
Code 501449 501447 501446 501443 501444 501441 501442 501437 501438 501439 501448
Wave length, nm 1310 1430 1450 1470 1490 1510 1530 1550 1570 1590 1610
Output power, dBm/mW 3/2
Laser type DFB
Optical connector SC/APC



Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Iskratel, one of world's leading telecommunications equipment and solutions providers, has more than 70 years of experience in telecommunications and is probably the best EU-based technology company with own R&D and manufacturing.


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