Code 220409
Outdoor antenna. Directional, logoperiodic. Active. UHF. Gain 28dBi. Length 1058mm.
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  • Directional LOG UHF antenna (21-69ch) with build low-noice amplifier;
  • Recommended for DVB-T reception;
  • Power supplied via coaxial cable;
  • Aluminum light-weight, corrosion resistant.
Model L28U-A
Code 220409
Channel range 21-69
No. of elements 28 pcs
Impedance 75 Ω
Antenna gain 26 ~ 28 dB
Amplifiers noise figure 2 dB
Front-to-back ratio  22 - 35 dB
Beam width H/V 35° - 45° / 55° - 46°
Length 1058 mm
Power supply DC 5-24V



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