EV Solar Box 32A/3F - 37831

EV Solar Box 32A/3F - 37831
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EV Solar Box 32A/3F T2 5m + DC protection
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980.10 €

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810.00 €

EV Charger Solar Box

The EV Charger Ratio Electric Solar Box is a very smart EV charger. Not only does it operate as our Smart Box EV charger, it can also charge your EV using 100% free energy generated form you own home Solar PV system. With the EV Charger Solar Box you can now choose the amount of energy you want to draw from the grid while making optimal use of your PV system.


  • Charging at a maximum current while protecting the building from overcurrent loading with Dynamic Load Balancing. While charging at home or an office building the charging current adapts to the remaining consumption in the building
  • 100% Green charging: with the ‘Pure Solar’ charging mode a car will be charged with 100% green solar energy. There’s even the possibility to get additional energy from the grid/net if there isn’t enough sun to still get a car charged
  • A user with limited solar panels can benefit from the Solar Box: both 3 phase and 1 phase chargers can charge on 1 phase in the ‘Pure Solar’ mode compared to other solar chargers where you don’t need 6 amps on every phase but only on 6 amps on 1 phase
  • Ease of use: ‘Plug & Charge’ functionality creates optimal charging experience
  • Housing EV Charger: PC/ABS-VO;
  • Dimensions: 400x250x105 mm;
  • Optional: Key switch;


  • ITEM NO.: 37831;
  • MAX. RATING:  32A/400V;
  • CABLE: H07BZ5-F 5G6,00mm² + 3x0,50mm²;
  • CAR PLUG: type 2.




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