EV Home Box 16A/3F - 35350

EV Home Box 16A/3F - 35350
Code 440501
EV Home Box 16A/3F T2 5mtr + DC protection
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684.86 €

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566.00 €

EV Charger Home Box Type 2

EV Charger Ratio Electric - just plug in to start charging!
Because the charging cable has a fixed connections to the Ratio EV charger, you don't need to get the charging cable in and out of your car trunk every time your charge. Just pull the plug out of the holder of your EV charger and plut it into the car.


  • Fixed charge cable with type 2 connector;
  • Earth leakage protection: AC 30mA, DC 6mA;
  • 16A version: 10A, 14A of 16A;
  • Optional supply cable with CEE plug;
  • Housing EV Charger:  Polycarbonate, waterproof (IP54);


  • ITEM NO.   35350
  • MAX. RATING:16A/400V
  • CABLE: H07BZ-F 5G2,50mm² + 3x0,50mm²
  • LENGTH: 5 m straight
  • CAR PLUG: type 2
  • TECH SPECS: 35350.pdf




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