CAT5e-UTP-1.0 Blue

Code 191811
Packing 1
Patch cords. CAT5e UTP 4 pairs. Unshielded. Stranded wire, 26AWG. Blue PVC, 1.0m.
Code Model Color
191800 CAT5E/UTP 0,5m grey
191801 CAT5E/UTP 0,5m  blue
191802 CAT5E/UTP 0,5m  yellow
191803 CAT5E/UTP 0,5m  red
191810 CAT5E/UTP 1,0m  grey
191811 CAT5E/UTP 1,0m  blue
191812 CAT5E/UTP 1,0m yellow
191820 CAT5E/UTP 2,0m  grey
191830 CAT5E/UTP 3,0m  grey
191825 CAT5E/UTP 5,0m  grey


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Elpa ir partneriai presents PUZZLE PLATFORM - complex solution for OTT/IPTV/hybrid networks.

High power MultiPath EDFA

MultiPath EDFA is high-power (up to 5000mW or +37dBm) multi-ports optical amplifier series with integrated precise optical coupler.

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