Astro U118-X

Astro U118-X
Astro U118-X
Astro U118-X
Astro U118-X
Code 521519
Astro U100 station function module. IP to PAL modulator. Full MPEG2/H264 SD/HD support. 8 channels (2 RF outs x 4 channels on non adjacent frequencies)
  • Plug-in module for U 100 base unit;
  • For processing of up to 8 IP multicast groups of a Gigabit Ethernet MPEG TS in 8 standard PAL programmes;
  • Full MPEG2 and H264, SD and HD support;
  • Unique feature ! TV channels can be allocated on non adjucent frequencies, therefore alowing to use fewer modulators on some cases (depends on channel grid);
  • Outstanding signal parameters by Direct Digital technology (Video-S/N: typ. 66 dB; residual carrier accuracy: 1 %)
  • WSS, Teletext, VPS, programmable ticker;
  • RTP, FEC, IGMPv3, full MPEG4 support;
  • HD to SD downscaling, AAC sound;
  • Backup ports for Data and management;
  • User friendly configuration via web browser;
  • Colored screen displays actual information about device status;
  • SD card slot for configurations and firmwares;
  • Monitored fan.


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Cable. CAT6 UTP 4 pair. Unshielded. For outdoor use. Solid wire, 23AWG. Black PE.

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Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Our partner - ISKRATEL company

Iskratel, one of world's leading telecommunications equipment and solutions providers, has more than 70 years of experience in telecommunications and is probably the best EU-based technology company with own R&D and manufacturing.



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