Astro U100-C

Astro U100-C
Astro U100-C
Astro U100-C
Code 521509
Management module for Astro U100 system
  • for comprehensive system management of the Astro U100 series signal converters
  • provides many functions for configuring and servicing the U100 series
  • management of the complete head end via one IP address
  • comfortable rack view with status display of all installed U 1xx components
  • user friendly configuration via web browser interface
  • monitored fan

The U 100-C is an overall management system for the U 100 series with many interesting features for network operators. It features a comfortable rack view of the complete system, time controlled updates and it can initiate automatic redundancy switching in case of malfunctions.

Model U100-C
Power consumption 27 W
Operating temperature 0 .. 45С




Full HD DVB-T modulator with HDMI input

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High power MultiPath EDFA

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