Smartivus OTT/IPTV

Plačiau apie sistemą

ELPA IR PARTNERIAI company presents a SMARTIVUS platform. This is a complex solution for OTT/IPTV/hybrid networks. It includes transcoding hardware, software for content scrambling, distribution, Middleware software, DVR, software for CDN servers. All set of subscriber terminals also offered: IP boxes, hybrid IP/DVB-C set top boxes, mobile applications.

First time SMARTIVUS was presented and gratefully received by public at the 19th CSTB exhibition in 2017, in Moscow. Till current day system continuously evolves, improves its functionality. So grows the number providers that include this solution to their choice of services.

Smartivus products (WEB catalogue)



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Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN N/AC 1200, 4x5dBi antennas. MU-MIMO. USB

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Full HD DVB-T modulator with HDMI input

FRP Duct rodder -4.5/50

Fiberglass duct rodder.  Ø4.5mm, 50m

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